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Tried & Tested: Yaris Custom Mesh Cooler Rug

By May 24, 2020 No Comments

The Yaris Equestrian Custom Mesh Cooler is tried & tested!

The temperature is certainly rising here in the UK, we’ve had a few scorching days already this Spring which we’re not complaining about! Hot weather presents many things to consider for Equestrians (check out our recent blog on caring for your horse in the heat), one of which is a change of wardrobe, and we’re talking the horse’s wardrobe… which is incidentally often more vast than the riders! As we move into Summer, winter turnouts and stable rugs are sent off to the cleaners to make way for fly sheets and coolers. Of course, with the current COVID-19 situation, shows aren’t expected to resume until July earliest, but there are still plenty of uses for a mesh cooler around the yard. Anyway, why not get ahead of the game and prepare to put your best foot forward and turn some heads at your next outing?

Our product of the month, The Yaris Custom Mesh Cooler, is a truly versatile rug with many uses. It’s made from extremely strong, yet lightweight British made polyester mesh. We’ve designed this mesh cooler to keep your horse comfortable, keep the flies at bay and act as a brilliant post-exercise wicking cooler, ideal for the hot weather. The fit of the rug is super smart and is often used as a post-race winners cooler! Whether you are at a show or training at home, this rug is a must-have this Summer. Check out the product listing for more features of this rug and get in touch with any questions!

As with all of our popular Custom range, the Yaris Custom Mesh Cooler is available in your colours of choice, featuring your logo and/or name. We love making so many variations of this rug for customers, each putting their own twist on the appearance of the rug. Showjumper, Irene Santens, loves the Yaris Mesh Cooler for her horses when abroad at shows and when at home.

“This rug fits beautifully around all types of horses shape-wise. It’s great for when you are waiting at the ring of hand walking and it has many purposes. With the leather buckle, it helps to prevent any rubbing and keeps the rug so nicely in place!”

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