Yaris Riding Mask


A riding mask for riders!

Disposable or home-made masks just don’t work, especially with any form of light movement, never mind riding. We know – we’ve tried them.

To compliment protective measures and social distancing guidelines as issued by the UK Government, the Yaris Riding Mask is designed specifically for riding with a wrap around the neck fit. The adjustable neck sits underneath the helmet so there’s no rubbing of ears or pulling of hair. Our mask stays in place when riding and remains comfy throughout.

The Yaris Riding Mask is made from our layered, breathable wicking jersey which can be washed daily if required. In the centre is a pocket with a specific spacer material which is treated with anti-viral blocker, tested to 99% efficiency against viruses including Corona. We recommend the insert be changed every 30 days. Two spacers are included with the mask.

Please note our mask does not carry Government approval under PPE EU Directive EU 2016/425 (FFP3 and FFP2) and is not designed for use in a health-care environment or with patients suffering Covid-19 symptoms.

Use of face-masks or coverings does not exonerate the user from adherence to other protective measures and social distancing.