Introducing 2020 Team Yaris Equestrian

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Introducing 2020 Team Yaris Equestrian

As you may know, we launched our official Yaris Equestrian Brand Ambassador search in January to an overwhelming response! We received about 1000 incredible applications altogether, and the task of choosing just four individuals was not an easy one. We initiated this search in the hope of finding Brand Ambassadors that represent the Yaris Equestrian brand values and feel passionate about our products… we certainly achieved that, and we connected with many new people in the Equestrian world too.

We spent a long time reading through applications and we loved learning about the journeys that people have taken with their horses and the successes that they have had. Ultimately, we feel that we picked four incredible riders who champion the Yaris Equestrian brand and will be fantastic additions to the team for 2020. Our Brand Ambassador search will open again in 2021, so for anyone who didn’t make it this time, you will have the opportunity to apply next year! We are ever grateful for the brilliant support that we received from our followers, which is why we offered everyone who applied an exclusive discount on their next order!

(Above: Charlotte and her horses at Voltet Stables)

Prior to our Brand Ambassador search, we welcomed Honor Redhouse and Alicia Moss (@buckinghell) to our team of riders. We are now thrilled to introduce Georgina Round, Charlotte Arnold, Lottie Roberts and Caroline Amalie Kristensen. You can read about all of our Yaris Equestrian Brand Ambassadors on our NEW page dedicated to Yaris Equestrian riders, keep up to date with the latest on our riders including product reviews, takeovers and news through this page.

(Above: Georgina Round and Gusto)