Blog #7 – Our Sponsored Rider for 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our Sponsored Rider for 2019 is Emma Stoker!

Emma is a GBR Rider, based in the North East with Townhead Stud, who competes all over Europe and is an incredible talent – not only for winning wherever she goes, but also for producing horses that have gone on to be global superstars.

Emma spends around 3 months of the year on tour in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and France which gives her string of horses the best opportunity to develop, before finishing up at some of the major competitions in the UK.

Emma is a big supporter of Yaris Equestrian and we are delighted to supply her competition kit this year.

To cover all the climates across the different countries we have supplied Emma with Wool Show Rugs (for the UK!) and Mesh Coolers for warmer conditions abroad. We’ve also supplied our stable drapes, stable guards and team clothing so both Emma and Townhead Stud have a team look which is befitting of the quality of horse and rider.

Emma is already enjoying a fantastic 2019 and we look forward to seeing her and the team in action for the rest of the year.

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