Blog #8 – Another fine mesh…


There’s loads of fly mesh rugs around and some of them are cheap as chips! So can the others tick all these boxes?

  • Keep away the flies in summer – err we hope so!
  • Really comfy for travelling – mmmn possibly…
  • Wick away sweat after jumping or racing – probably not!
  • Look smart enough to use as a show rug – no chance!
  • Be embroidered or printed with YOUR logo or name – no way!

This is the go-to rug for the summer. Our sponsored rider, Emma Stoker, spends most of the year in the sun. Here’s what she has to say about them: ‘These rugs are brilliant, we use them a lot at the shows. They keep the flies away but also keeps them cool – really happy with them.

Emma’s are embroidered with the Emma Stoker/Townhead logo’s which shows their brand, making them look their best and giving them a competitive edge.