A message from the Director – Lockdown 2.0, Christmas and a Thank You

By November 13, 2020 No Comments


Once again we find ourselves in lockdown. Thankfully for a much shorter spell and this time it does feel very different.

The first lockdown in March was completely new and despite not being forced to close, we felt it was the right thing to do given the initial fear around the virus, and the fact that the main markets we serve (Showjumping & Horse Racing) were closed down too.

This time we have a ‘circuit-breaker’ rather than a full national lockdown and although smaller regional events aren’t running, the autumn tours abroad continue, as does British Horseracing – so we will remain open throughout.

We continue to operate with full adherence to the relevant safety guidelines and our colleagues feel happy and comfortable to continue. There is a definite sense of resilience this time and we are seeing that across the country.

For most people the word that sums up this year is ‘crazy’ and we would completely agree. This has been the toughest year for us in many different ways and we are still facing a number of challenges.

Our business has actually grown considerably this year – so much so that we have needed to recruit new members of staff. Sewing Machinists are a rare breed and our rural location has made it especially difficult to recruit.

So, we are moving premises and as a result we have been able to recruit new members to the team. It will be very sad to leave Hill Farm, but we have no choice; and we will always remain great friends with Simon, Jo and the guys and will be visiting regularly to try new products on the horses.

We are incredibly proud of the growth in the business and want to make sure that we continue to produce high quality work. Currently we are working round the clock to fulfil orders and I would like to thank all our clients for their patience.

As our business is in the process of moving to new premises we have no option but to close our order book, for Christmas delivery, with effect from Midnight on Monday, 16th November.

We appreciate this is almost a whole month earlier than last year and we know there will be many people who will be disappointed with this.

So, get your orders in quick and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year in new premises, with new members of the team and more capacity to do what we love.